Sariga School of Music aims at imparting complete knowledge of the Indian Carnatic Music, which includes both violin and vocal. The School trains students through proper coaching at all stages, monitoring individual talents and keeping them under close supervision, as if under the 'Gurukula Sampradaya'. Sariga, as a school of music, provides all of this under the scholarly guidance of A. Jayadevan.

The classes are systematically conducted, providing a peaceful atmosphere for learning. Students who like to undergo training are able to obtain scholarly expertise from the very basics to the level of a concert artist with all nuances, which incorporates 'alapana, kalpana swaras and niraval'. In Sariga, this knowledge is given with traditional methods without adulterating the essence of classical purity.

Over the years, many of Sariga's students have had the opportunity to perform at various venues around Toronto. Many cultural organizations and programmes, like SAACO, Urumpirai Hindu College, Kalai Kolangal, Tamil Culture Waterloo Region, Incredible India, CANTYD, etc. as well as temples like The Richmond Hill Hindu Temple, Shri Varasithi Vinayagar Hindu Temple, Durkai Amman Temple, and many more have provided a stage for many of the students' performance. In addition, many of our students continue to accompany local talents and perform with various music schools throughout Toronto. I congratulate the many students who partciplated in these several concerts for all their efforts.

On August 17, 2013, Sariga School of Music presented the violin arangetram of Rampragash Saravanabhavan, who was first to complete his violin arangetram under the tutelage of Shri A. Jayadevan. It was an excellent arangetram supported by an amazing orchestra of Neyveli Venkatesh on mridangam and Thripoonithura Radhakrishnan on ghatam. Thiruvarur Bhakthavalsalam graced the event the chief guest and gave an amazing speech! Above all, Ram played amazingly and Sariga is extremely proud.

The following year, Sariga School of Music presented the violin arangetram of a second student, Vishnuga Kulasingam on August 30, 2014. She bravely played many complicated items with perfection. Once again, the arangetram would not have been such a success without the support of Neyveli Venkatesh on mridangam, Thripoonithura Radhakrishan on ghatham, as well as Karthik Venkatraman on kanjira. Also, Sariga was excited to have Shri Poovalur Sriji preside as the chief guest and give an amazing speech!

Rampragash Arangetram

Vishnuga Arangetram


17th May 2015
Fusion program - Mississauga
- 8.30 pm

30th May 2015
Concert - University of Toronto Auditorium - 5 pm

20th June 2015
Concert - Edmonton Canada -5 pm

5th July 2015
Concert - Toronto - 6 pm