As an Artiste

Jayadevan is an Indian violinist, composer and conductor, who is trained in the classical Carnatic music tradition but is equally at home with Western classical music. He is a confident violinist exercising full control of his instrument, but his style has been characterized as "pure, restrained and with delicate inflections". His renderings are inspiring and heartwarming.

As a Student

Jayadevan began his study of the violin at an early age under Guru Kalaksethram Mathew, who is regarded as a pioneer in violin instruction and the 'Guru' of many eminent disciples. Kalaskhethram was established in 1948, and follows "Gurukulavidyabhyasa," the traditional style of education which demands a strict pattern of 'Sadhana' (practice). Jayadevan was coached for his advanced training in violin performance by Guru Nedumangadu Sivanandan. The renowned Carnatic music singer, Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna gave his blessings and advice from time to time to hone this violinist's skills as well. Jayadevan's musical journey thus began with pedigreed instruction and is fuelled by study, practice, experience, and self evaluation. "Only continuous 'Sadhana' brings forth the true artist in me", he explains.

As a Performer

For the past two decades, Jayadevan had conducted many solo programs all over India and abroad, including in Austria, Bahrain, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Switzerland, UAE and the USA. He has also accompanied acclaimed performers in their music concerts and has played the violin for the eminent Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, Dr. K. J Yesudas, T. M Krishna, P. Unnikrishnan, Aruna Sairam, Naivelli Santhana Gopalan, Soumya, Papanasam Asok Ramani, Geeta Rajashekar, Madurai Sundar, V. Dakshinamoorthi, Neyyatinkara Vasudevan, Sikkil Gurucharan, and others. Jayadevan has also associated with famous instrumentalists like Thiruvaroor Bakthavalsalam, Thiruvizha Jayasanker, Valayapetty Subramanium, Chalakkudi Narayanaswami, Mandolin Raju, Mysore Chandan Kumar, and G S Rajan. In addition, he has performed in prestigious Carnatic music festivals in India, Canada and the USA including at the Cleveland Thayagaraja Aradhana, Bharathi Kala Manram Thyagaraja Festival, and the Salt Lake Music Festival in Kolkata. As a much sought after violinist, Jayadevan has performed for films under the banner of famous Music Directors including M. B. Sreenivasan and Jerry Amaldev. In the course of his involvement with the film industry, Jayadevan also worked with renowned choreographers like Adayar K Lakshman and Guru Kalyanasundaram. A true artist finds expression in social, cultural, and political activities. As a performer, Jayadevan has been successful in identifying a place for himself in the realm of music and culture through his involvement and engaged participation in many international events.

As a Organizer and Conductor

Jayadevan had a long association with 'Kalaskethram', an Institute established to promote Indian Classical Music in Kottayam, India and continued as its Treasurer for more than 10 years while the reputed Nagaswaram Artist, Thiruvizha Jayasankar, was President. During this time, Jayadevan launched several music festivals that were attended by eminent musicians from different parts of India. He also organized cultural events in connection with many charitable and social organizations. Jayadevan worked hard to popularize classical music by coordinating many interactive sessions throughout the State. Jayadevan is credited with taking the initiative to set-up the well regarded South Asian Cultural Meet and the Thygaraja festival in Kerala. Jayadeva attended many music programs that were organized in 2005 to help the Tsunami victims in India and Sri Lanka. He is a proven cultural Ambassador of India. Jayadevan's influence in the sphere of music performance in Canada is also legendary. Toronto's Member of Parliament, Mr Jim Karygiannis, presented Jayadeven with a Certificate of Appreciation for his role in organizing a Music Festival under the aegis of the Govt. of Canada. The Varasidhi Vinayaka Devasthanam honoured Jayadevan with a Title of "Sangeetha Vidwat Shioramani" as a recognization for his contribution. Jayadevan arranged and conducted fusion music programs with western artists for the prestigious Toronto Jazz Music Harbor Festival in 2002, in the Toronto Music Garden of 2003, with Mosaic, with Music Has No Boundaries, and at the IIFA Bollywood Awards. He won accolades for his performance with a fusion band named `Viswamitra' that included artists from all over the world. Jayadevan performed for INCA and SLCA in Calgary Canada, which earned him the unqualified recognition of mixed audiences. As a conductor, Jayadevan actively participated in organizing the Indian Republic Day and Independent Day celebrations in Toronto. He was also involved with Nruthanjaly, the most popular of the programming for SACCO (the South Asian Arts and Cultural Organization) in 2004. In 2006 he organized "Kalanjali" to promote various art forms of Kerala including Kathakali and Mohiniyattam. In 2009 and 2010 he arranged and played Jugalbandi concerts with Pandit Ramesh Narayan at various Canadian venues. In 2012, Jayadevan arranged concerts and music workshops in Toronto with the famous flute player Sri. Mysore Chandan Kumar to promote classical awareness among youth. Jayadevan has been an active member of the Indian Panorama since 2004. He is the Founder and Director of SACCO as well as the founder of SARIGA, a Canadian School for Indian Music.

As a Composor

Jayadevan is known for his exploration of new horizons in Carnatic, Western and Fusion music styles. Blending classical and western styles with traditional folk styles is yet innovative in the world of violin performance. In fact, the international community has recognized Jayadevan's compositions as the new gateway to world peace. He has composed signature tunes and title music for Canadian TV Channels like TVI and radio programs such as ' Madhurageetham'. His jingles are popular and have garnered attention in the advertising world. Jayadevan has also composed Albums for Invis Multimedia in Trivandrum, India. In 2005, Invis Multimedia released his first classical violin solo album, in which the famous Mridangam maestro, Thirivaroor Bakthavalsalam, accompanied the violinist. In 2009, Jayadevan released his album "Raganubhava" in which he performed with the famous sitar player, Pandit Debojith Chakraborthy. In 2013, his new album "Entwined" was released in Canada by the living legend Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna. In this album Jayadevan plays duet with the Santhoor Vidwan, Pandit Sandip Chatterjee. Jayadevan's most recent album is a recording of his new Classical solo performance with Sri. Neyvelli Venkatesh accompanying him on Mridangam, and Tripunithura Radhakrishnan accompanying him on the Ghatom.

As a Teacher

The most sought after name in Canada as a scholarly teacher of music, Jayadevan is a highly inspiring Guru for hundreds of budding talents. His instructional style is traditional, and the crux of his methodology is based on Indian concepts and ideologies. As a founder of Sariga Music, Arts and Creations where students master the complicated, sensuous and soothing styles of Violin, Jayadevan strives hard to find something new from the realm of music. In 2013, the first student of Sariga graduated and successfully completed his music Arangetram. That student now accompanies many prestigious artists including P. Unnikrishnan and others in their concert performances. In 2014, another student also completed her Arangetram, an occasion that drew attention from the audience, others artists, and the public, due to sophistication and complexity of the pieces that were performed. This student has also, since then, continued to perform at concerts and continue her musical career. Rarity and purity are the twin qualities which place Jayadevan in the hearts of millions of music lovers all over the world. He has undertaken world tours with accomplished and eminent artists and has traveled all over Canada and the USA to organize workshops, music festivals, and youth associations. Jayadevan is a true Artiste, and a violinist and composer extraordinaire.


17th May 2015
Fusion program - Mississauga
- 8.30 pm

30th May 2015
Concert - University of Toronto Auditorium - 5 pm

20th June 2015
Concert - Edmonton Canada -5 pm

5th July 2015
Concert - Toronto - 6 pm